Industry partnerships

Financial information

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN often works collaboratively with commercial partners on projects which introduce or evaluate new technologies or ways of working.  In the interest of transparency, the following describes the funding received from non-NHS organisations to support programmes of work that aim to improve the health and care system in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Organisations involved Start date End date Monetary value Reason for benefit
Pfizer and Yorkshire & Humber AHSN 1st July 2021 1st April 2022 £7,000 Support provided to Yorkshire & Humber AHSN’s digital accelerator programme, Propel@YH.


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Bayer and Yorkshire & Humber AHSN 2018 2019 £93,570.50 Two-year joint working agreement to deliver a quality improvement project with a focus on atrial fibrillation detection within West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership.