Local Analysis of the national Stakeholder survey for Yorkshire and Humber AHSN

Andrew Riley, the MD of Yorkshire and Humber AHSN welcomed the survey and set out his response to its findings below;

  • – The survey provides invaluable feedback from members and stakeholders and we are already considering the improvements we will make.
  • We are very pleased that three quarters of respondents recommended working with the AHSN.

The summary feedback is very positive;

  • Fifty seven percent thought the AHSN had helped them deliver their organisations objective
  • Two-thirds felt that the role of the AHSN has become clearer over the last 12 months
  • Two-thirds of respondents felt that they had a good working relationship with the AHSN
  • Fifty-seven percent felt there was clear and visible leadership, seventy-five percent felt AHSN staff were knowledgeable and eighty percent felt AHSN staff were helpful
  • Two-thirds felt that the AHSN listens to their views and over two thirds felt that the AHSN played an important role in facilitating collaboration.
  • The AHSN was particularly singled out for being very effective at building a culture of partnership and collaboration.

Specifically, there are some messages nationally that we will be working with the AHSN network on collectively and these are;

  • Being more inclusive about developing our plans for 2016/17 and communicating content using more effective channels that our members and stakeholders identified in the survey.
  • Communicate the evidence showing achievement and delivery of our plans more effectively so that our members and partners are more aware of the work we are involved with and how they can become involved.
  • We will review the economic growth objectives to ensure that they are aligned with member and partner expectations and we will continue to work with OLS, UKTI, BIS and the leading trade associations to ensure better engagement and communications.
  • There may be an opportunity for AHSNs to play a more significant role in commissioning support with the changes to CSUs that are taking place and this is an area that we review nationally..

Within the Yorkshire and Humber region we will;

  • In common with AHSNs nationally, explain the role of AHSNs at every opportunity.
  • Communicate more effectively with our members and partners so although there we are seeing improvements, we still need to do more and we are reviewing the best ways to improve engagement with members and partners.
  • Ensure that members and stakeholders understand the AHSNs plans, how they can become involved in programmes and the opportunity and benefits the AHSN plans will deliver for members.
  • Be very clear about the outcomes and benefits we are delivering and this will mean increasing the amount of evaluation we carry out both on specific projects and also the AHSN as a whole.
  • Be clearer about our role in creating economic growth as our members and partners are not clear at the moment and although we have received a reasonable evaluation on adoption and spread of innovation the score nationally and locally needs improvement as one of our core purposes is adoption and spread of innovation at pace and scale. This will form one of the key areas of focus as we make changes following on from the stakeholder survey.
  • Work with the AHSN network to continue building the AHSN brand and demonstrating impact.

Although the national survey is very important, we also have our own survey mechanisms ranging from feedback for each workshop and conference we run through to full scale member surveys on specific topics and we also use this feedback to improve the value we offer to members and key stakeholders.

FAQ Guide to the stakeholder survey

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