Our support for the new Innovation and Technology Tariff

Richard StubbsRichard Stubbs
Interim Managing Director

At the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN we are committed to making it easier and quicker to implement innovations that are better for patients and deliver efficient and cost-effective treatments and services.

The NHS Innovation Accelerator, of which the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN was a founding member, is a great example of the work AHSNs undertake in supporting the uptake of innovation in the NHS. Championed by Sir Bruce Keogh, this programme has already resulted in:

  • 469 additional NHS commissioners and providers now using NIA innovations
  • £28.6m in external funds secured
  • 14 awards won
  • 10 innovations selling internationally

Whilst these statistics are encouraging, there is more that needs to be done, which is why last summer, Simon Stevens announced the introduction of the new Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT), which follows on from the success of the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme.

The ITT, which went live on 1 April 2017, provides a mechanism to directly fund organisations that take up new innovative technologies that are better for patients and reduce costs for the NHS. At the moment, this currently applies to a small number of innovations but this will hopefully increase in scope going forward.

Last week, I was amongst AHSN representatives welcoming NHS providers and commissioners to an event in Leeds which provided an opportunity to learn more about the medtech devices and digital platforms available to procure via the new ITT.

The introduction of the new ITT will remove the need for multiple local price negotiations and guarantee automatics reimbursement.

This event, organised by NHS England, provided a great opportunity to meet with some of the NHS’s innovation ‘stars’ and to see at first-hand how their work is benefitting patients, delivering improved efficiencies and securing costs savings across a number of NHS organisations.

As we continue to support the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans, the ITT is just one of a number of initiatives the AHSN is backing to accelerate the deployment of new technology, demand moderation and quality and safety improvement.

If you missed the event on Thursday and want to learn more, please email our Head of Marketing and Communications