BOC Healthcare going digital with myCOPD

The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network has welcomed the news that BOC Healthcare is to implement myCOPD within its NHS community-based pulmonary rehabilitation services.

myCOPD-003myCOPD is a complete internet-based self-management solution that enables patients to learn more about their condition, receive expert education, access a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation option and learn how to take their medication correctly.

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN actively supports the roll out of myCOPD through its work as a founding member of the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme.

Implementing myCOPD will enable BOC Healthcare to reach more patients through digital self-management and pulmonary rehabilitation, delivering care through both face to face and digital services.

Ian Thompson, Strategic Director at myCOPD, commented: “It’s great news to announce this working relationship with BOC Healthcare. Delivering these new models of care with conventional providers enables patients to receive high quality healthcare at a time that suits them.

“This enables the delivery of rehabilitation at scale for reduced cost and, at the same time, expands the reach of pulmonary rehabilitation to all patients with COPD.”

BOC Healthcare commented: “As a provider of NHS pulmonary rehabilitation services across 10 Clinical Commissioning Groups, we see every day the outcomes possible for people attending our group-based programmes, however not all patients are able to attend them.

“myCOPD gives us an option to offer those patients, with structured clinical support, so they don’t miss out on the health benefits that a pulmonary rehabilitation and self-management programme can deliver. It importantly gives us a tool to offer people completing group-based programmes to help them maintain their achievements from pulmonary rehabilitation.”