Creative England supports Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd with £200,000 investment

Creative England, in partnership with the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, has supported Yorkshire-based Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd with an investment of £200,000 to continue the development of its product PainSense and to achieve its goal to become the leading UK provider of integrated person-centred digital health.

ADI is a leading UK provider of integrated digital health solutions, combining behavioural science to enable the shift to a more person-centred approach to healthcare.

“The Creative England investment was pivotal in moving our first product, PainSense into a high growth, high earnings phase and allowing us to evolve and tune the product rapidly to marpainsenseket needs.”

PainSense is the market-leading digital resource for Persistent Pain. There are currently no competitors who can offer N3 secure integration of pain assessments and patient-reported outcome measures captured on patients’ smartphones into the electronic patient record systems. ADI has exclusive rights to use the gold standard “Pain Management Plan” and “Pain Toolkit” – intellectual property developed by Professor Lewin, Dr Cole and Pete Moore in smartphone apps.

ADI’s integrated yet person-centred approach to digital health is radically different from that taken by most other patient-facing digital healthcare software. These tend to either be pure self-care apps, with no clinical credentials and no connections to clinical care pathways or informatics systems, or patient portals into professional systems that are highly restrictive and expensive. ADI’s architecture, which is derived in part from our work leading the national “i-focus” interoperability project, and which is based on the principle that patients control their own data, provides a secure, “semi-permeable membrane” between data in the app and the GP record.

Creative England is working in partnership with Greater Manchester AHSN, West Midlands AHSN, Heart of England NHS Foundations Trust, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, South West AHSN and the West of England AHSN to support the development of priority healthcare products and services that will benefit communities in England outside of London. We are looking to invest in small or medium enterprises (SME’s) who are in an advanced stage of developing and commercialising products for the healthcare sector.