FAQ Guide to the Stakeholder Survey

1) What was the purpose / objective of the survey?
The survey was commissioned by NHS England to support AHSN development. It was designed to help both the AHSNs and NHS England understand local stakeholder perceptions of the AHSNs’ contributions to health innovation and transformation, both locally and nationally.

2) How was the survey carried out?
In collaboration with all Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN), NHS England commissioned YouGov to carry out independent analyses of AHSN stakeholders. The survey was circulated via two methods, firstly to a predefined list of stakeholders from health, academia and industry and secondly via an open link available to all. All 15 AHSNs were included in the survey; separate reports have been produced detailing the results of each AHSN, along with an overall summary report that combines key feedback from across all 15 organisations.

3) Will the survey be repeated?
Yes, NHS England’s intention is to repeat the survey on an annual basis to support AHSNs’ continual development. The methodology will be developed in future years to reflect feedback gathered through the process.

4) How will the results be used?
This has been the first survey of AHSNs stakeholders since their creation and AHSNs are still relatively new organisations. However, the results are encouraging and will be used both to provide a benchmark and a learning tool for development. The results will be used to understand where AHSNs are performing well so that this can be maintained and further enhanced, and to understand areas for improvement and development.

5) Could the results be used to make comparisons between AHSNs and rank them in terms of performance?
Comparison is difficult, because although the AHSNs share a collective aim to drive system-wide health transformation, they work to different priorities that are determined through discussion and consultation with their local partners. This means that some results may vary between AHSNs. For example, depending on local health priorities, different AHSNs may focus on engaging some groups and sectors more than others. This, coupled with the range, depth and breadth of sample sizes across regions mean it is not possible to make direct comparisons.