Funding Opportunities

NIHR (National Institute for Health Research)


The following funding opportunities are currently available through the National Institute for Health Research.

NIHR: Health and Wellbeing Education in the Teaching Profession
18/69 Benefits of the provision of health and wellbeing education during Initial Teacher Training and Continual Professional Development of qualified teachersThere is a webinar on Friday 12 October 2018, 12:00-13:00, to support applications to this funding opportunity. To register your interest, please complete the webinar sign-up form.
Deadline: 6 November 2018, 1.00pm
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NIHR: HTA and HSDR Programmes: Precision Medicine
A call for research proposals in the field of precision medicine for the prevention, treatment, monitoring and management of patients and their outcomes as well as the delivery and implementation of precision medicine in healthcare services.  The call aims to support robustly designed studies with the potential to make a step-change in improving outcomes for patients, the public and health and social care services.
Deadline: 6 November 2018, 1.00pm
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NIHR: 18/89 Digital technologies to improve health and care
A call for empirical research studies to evaluate the use of digital technologies to improve health outcomes, self-management of health or delivery of health and social care. Some examples of relevant technologies are highlighted below, however, evaluation of any type of intervention with a clear digital component are included under the call. The purpose of this call is to evaluate existing digital technologies and their potential to bring benefit to health and social care – the development of digital interventions is outside of the remit of this call.Applications for technology in development stage: the participating programmes are unable to fund studies where the main focus of the work is the development of the technology. However, the Invention for Innovation (69) Programme (not part of this call) may be relevant.
Deadline: stage 1 applications 6 November 2018, 1.00pm and then 19 March 2019
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NIHR 18/70: Fire and Rescue Visits to Improve Health Outcomes
The NIHR Public Health Research Programme wishes to commission research on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions that have been or have the potential to be delivered in the UK by Fire and Rescue Services to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.
Deadline: 6 November 2018, 1.00pm
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NIHR: End of Life Care Research
Several NIHR programmes are inviting stage 1 applications on End of Life Care research:A call for applied health research studies to increase the evidence base to support health and care services to help people at the end of their lives to live as well as possible and to die with dignity, compassion and comfort. The scope for research includes the impact on patients, families, carers, workforce, as well as an evaluation of the burden on and uncertainties within the health and social care system. We welcome research proposals for end of life care in any disease, service or setting, including hospitals, specialist centres and services, community services and care homes.18/85 The Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme18/81 Health Technology Assessment Programme18/84 Public Health Research Programme18/82  Health Services and Delivery Research ProgrammeDeadline: 6 November 2018Click here for more information. 


NIHR:  Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme

18/125 Researcher-led (including complex health and care needs in older people highlight notice)

18/126 Functional Imaging

18/128 Mechanisms of action of health interventions

Deadline: 20 November 2018, 1.00pm

NIHR: Research for Patient Benefit Programme – Competition 37
Applications are invited for research proposals that are concerned with the day-to-day practice of health service staff, and which have the potential to have an impact on the health or wellbeing of patients and users of the NHS. As a response mode researcher-led programme, RfPB does not specify topics for research, but encourages proposals for projects which address a wide range of health service issues and challenges.
Deadline: 21 November 2018, 1.00pm
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NIHR: i4i Product Development Awards Call 17
These awards support any stage of the translational research and development pathway, including the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions.Highlight Notices: ‘Complex Health and Care Needs in Older People’. Relevant research areas include frailty, transitions in care, service delivery and models of care, medicines management/polypharmacy, promoting healthy ageing/preventing ill health and patient-centred decision making.’Brain Tumours’. This highlight notice indicates the continuing interest of NIHR in receiving research proposals in this area, and it encourages collaborative applications that demonstrate how they build on recent initiatives and investment in the area made by the NIHR, the MRC and other research fundersThemed Calls:‘Promotion of good mental health and the prevention or treatment of mental ill health’. Proposals are invited for clinical and applied health research that evaluate healthcare interventions, health services, social care or public health measures operating at either the individual, or the population level. Issues of particular interest include proposals that utilise new digital health technologies or investigate their effects.
Deadline: call opens 31 October 2018 and closes 12 December 2018, 1.00pm. 
Call 18 will launch on 24 April 2019.
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Public Health Research Programme Rapid Funding Scheme
The Rapid Funding Scheme (RFS) offers researchers the opportunity to apply for funds to conduct rapid baseline data collection, as well as other feasibility work, prior to intervention implementation, for time-limited opportunities such as a natural experiment or similar evaluations of a new public health intervention.
The RFS has been set up to provide the public health research community with an accelerated route to funding for small-scale, short and time sensitive proposals that demonstrate a need for a rapid commissioning process to be followed. Funding will be offered, subject to appropriate scientific scrutiny, on the understanding that a full application to support completion of the evaluation will be forthcoming at an appropriate time point.
Proposals submitted to the RFS will be for:
•a value of £50,000 or less
•a duration of six months or less
•for based line data collection/ other feasibility work
•taking advantage of a time limited natural experiment opportunity
•aiming towards the submission of a full evaluation
If you would like your proposal to be considered for the RFS, please contact with a summary of your intended project of no more than one page of A4 in length describing both the proposed work and the reasons for the urgency, in particular, why this proposal could not be considered through the standard commissioning timelines such as the researcher-led work stream.
Deadline: 31 December 2018
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HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme for non-medical healthcare professionsThe HEE and NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic (ICA) Programme provides personal research training awards for healthcare professionals (excluding doctors and dentists) who wish to develop careers that combine clinical research and research leadership with continued clinical practice and clinical development. Applicants must belong to one of the eligible professions.Five levels of award are available, each requiring the support of clinical and academic host organisations, which together form a career pathway for aspiring and developing non-medical clinical academics:Internships – competition opens in February 2019Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship – competition opens February 2019Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship – competition opens March 2019Clinical Lectureship – competition opens March 2019Senior Clinical Lectureship – competition opens March 2019Doctoral and Post-Doctoral award holders are also eligible for ICA Programme-funded mentorship support through the ICA Mentorship and Outreach Programme.Click here for more information.