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Safer care for mothers during childbirth

Posted: - 29th October 2019

3,845 women had a reduced risk of obstetric injury during childbirth as a result of us exceeding our target for the number of EpiScissors-60 distributed into the NHS. Eight active sites in our region have used the product. We expect uptake to continue increasing and are supporting trusts to make reimbursement claims under the continued Innovation Technology Tariff funding.

A mother’s life can be severely affected if she is among the 30,000 UK women a year who suffer obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) during childbirth. Many cases are caused by a misjudgement of the angle of surgical cuts during childbirth – and result in direct annual costs to the NHS of £55 million.

The costs are ultimately far higher as OASIS is a major cause of associated complications that result in significant discomfort and long-term health consequences for patients as well as being a source of extensive compensation claims for the NHS.

The use of EpiScissors-60 during the procedure means that the angle of surgical cuts is easier for clinicians to assess and leads to safer care.