Humber NHS Trust signs 3-year ‘My Health Guide’ contract

Maldaba Ltd has signed an agreement to scale-up the use of My Health Guide for the next three years to 600 service users at Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust and is committed to embedding the app in its care delivery model for learning disabilities following the successful completion of an extended 12-month trial. The Trust will adapt its care delivery model to benefit from the increased commucniation the app offers.

My Health Guide is an innovative tablet-based app for adults with learning disabilities which enables them to access and share their health and wellbeing information for enhance communication between themselves, health professionals and carers. It was designed and developed in collaboration between Maldaba Ltd and Humber NHS Foundation Trust and funded through the Small Business Research Initiative Healthcare (SBRI) competition ‘Telehealth for People with Learning Disabilities’ supported by the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN.

Maldaba and Humber NHS Foundation Trust were also recognised for their pioneering partnership at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN Innovation, Improvement & Impact (III) Awarimage iii conf maldabads in January 2017 where they were presented with the ‘Performance through Partnership’ award for the My Health Guide App. This is the third award the app has won in the last 2 years.

The III Awards celebrate organisations and individuals making real innovative changes and improvements to how care is delivered and improving the lives of patients across the region.

Phillipa Hedley-Takhar, Head of Investment & Partnerships, said: “My Health Guide is a great example of the importance of co-design in healthcare innovation and the value of the SBRI Healthcare programme which enables the NHS to work with industry to respond to unmet needs.”

The next stage of the roll-out and implementation plan will be to support Humber NHS staff to embed the My Health Guide in their daily working practices and continue to analyse the data from the 12-month pilot. Final figures from the 12-month trial will be published once that analysis is complete.