Innovation Scorecard Consultation welcomed

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN welcomes the Department of Health & Social Care and the Office for Life Sciences’ Innovation Scorecard Technical Consultation, which has now been published and can be accessed here.

The Innovation Scorecard Technical Consultation is aimed at improving data on the uptake of medical technologies and diagnostic products.

The government remains firmly committed to supporting the NHS and our Life Sciences industry more widely to continue to deliver world class innovation for the benefit of the NHS patients, through research, harnessing the potential of digital technology, investing in better access to innovative treatments and drugs and supporting the growth of the Life Sciences industry.

The Innovation Scorecard is a quarterly publication sponsored by the Department of Health. It measures the use of NICE approved medicines and medical technologies in the NHS in England, which includes digital, diagnostic and medical technologies.

A new interactive online platform was launched for the Scorecard in April 2017, which replaced the interactive spread sheets  The new platform now allows users to:

  • Compare an organisation’s prescribing against its peers by medicine or technology
  • Look at overall levels of prescribing by medicine or technology and drill into areas with low levels
  • Do this easily in a way that allows users to share results and be assured of the quality of the data they are using.

The Accelerated Access Review recommended the Scorecard to be a key source of information on the uptake of innovations across the NHS. Better information is needed on the uptake of medical technologies and diagnostic products to achieve this objective. This is so the Department of Health & Social Care and the Office for Life Science, and their partners, can better understand where there is variation in order to ask why that is happening.

One barrier to having better information on uptake of medical technologies, and diagnostic products, stems from concerns that detailed sales volume data, shared in confidence, could be disclosed in response to a suitably worded request under the Freedom of Information Act. This technical consultation is aimed at raising awareness of the exemption that could apply and is seeking views on what will encourage companies to provide this data for publication.

The Department for Health & Social Care and the Office for Life Sciences will use the response to inform future engagement with the Information Commissioners Office on this issue. The consultation ends 4 April, 2018

More information about the publication is available here.