Innovative workshop for children and young people

Leaflet v3Children and young people aged between six and 16, their parents and carers are being invited to join an innovative workshop to explore issues around incontinence.

The event will be held at Leeds Thackray Medical Museum.

It is being organised by research network Impress and Technology Innovation Transforming Health (TITCH), which is supported by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network and is part of the Devices for Dignity network.

The informal workshop sessions will invite attendees to work with researchers, engineers and clinical staff to:

  • Identify and better understand problems and issues
  • Identify current solutions to incontinence problems
  • Explore how future research (new devices, strategies) could help

Afterwards, attendees will be able to visit the museum.

The event will take place in either the middle of July or the end of September and organisers are asking for feedback on which would be the preferred date.

To register your interest in this or for further information please contact