Invention for Innovation Challenge

Mental illness remains the largest single cause of disability in the UK, representing 28 per cent of the national disease burden leading to an estimated 70 million working days lost each year.

The NHS National Institute for Health Research is investing in technology to improve outcomes in mental health through a competition called ‘winner takes all’ to address areas of unmet clinical need.

The challenge is to develop innovative technological solutions that can influence the patient care pathway and improve patient outcomes for mental health conditions.

Through the competition they’re expecting to address one or more of:

  • The integration of physical and mental health services across the NHS.
  • Accurate, cost effective and faster screening and diagnosis of mental health conditions.
  • Treatment and management of mental health conditions, including effective prevention, early intervention, tailored treatments and active disease monitoring.

The competition launches February 1 and closes April 4.

For more information and to apply visit