Latest Funding Opportunities: 2/11/2015

Updated 2 November 2015. The latest funding opportunities available to organisations, social enterprises and individuals supporting the health care sector.

Innovate UK

Stratified Medicine Connecting the UK Infrastructure
Innovate UK is to invest up to £10m in a two-phase competition to promote the development of new diagnostic products and services for use in stratified medicine. This SBRI competition aims to accelerate and/or increase the development and adoption of innovative diagnostic tools in order to offer better targeted treatment to patients within the UK healthcare system. It also aims to demonstrate the benefits of companies working within the UK ‘enabling infrastructure’, which is made up of specialist organisations that can help companies understand healthcare needs and design, evaluate and deliver their products and services into the NHS.
Up to £2m is available for phase 1 of the competition and up to a further £8m may be available in a second phase to further develop successful phase 1 projects. The competition is open to all organisations that can demonstrate a route to market for their solution. Successful organisations will attract a 100% funded development contract of up to £150,000 over nine months in phase 1, with the potential to apply for up to £2m over a further three years in phase 2.
Deadline: 4th November 2015
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SME Instrument
The SME instrument has been designed specifically for single or groups of highly innovative SMEs with international ambitions, determined to turn strong, innovative business ideas into winners on the market. The instrument provides full-cycle business innovation support from the stage of business idea conception and planning (phase I) over business plan execution and demonstration (phase II) to commercialisation (phase III). Participants will be able to call on business innovation coaching for the duration of their project.
Deadline: 25th November 2015
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Digital Health Literacy
A Spanish Public Health Administration is preparing, for Health call H2020, a project to develop an online training tool based on an onsite existing chronic disease self-management program. Entities from different countries with an onsite chronic disease self-management program running are searched. Preferentially a Public or Private Institution that have access to citizens with a chronic disease that wants to offer them an online training alternative tool.
Deadline: 18th December 2015
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UK Internship Network
The UK Internship Network aims to create win-win situation for both the undergraduates/graduates and the companies.  UK companies can recruit well educated and high skilled workforce at a very low cost. An internship programme gives companies the opportunity to assess the intern abilities during a 3/6 months period with no obligations to take them on permanently. Interns can also be important to start new projects, fill in during the holidays and carry out daily tasks giving the staff more time to focus on more important tasks. Hosting young international intern can also introduce new language skills as well as new enthusiasm within the company contributing to make the work environment more pleasant.
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Medical Research Council

Public Health Intervention Development Scheme (PHIND)
The MRC Public Health Intervention Development scheme (PHIND) supports the early stages of development of public health interventions.
Deadline: 19th November 2015
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National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Public Health Research Programme
The PHR Programme funds research that evaluates public health interventions, specifically to provide new knowledge on the benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of non-NHS interventions intended to improve the health of the public and reduce inequalities in health. Proposed primary outcome measures should always be health related, unless otherwise specified in a commissioning brief. Examples include examining whether regeneration programmes improve public health and reduce health inequalities; evaluating employer schemes to encourage walking or cycling to work; and assessing interventions that encourage healthy eating among school children.
Deadline: 9th November 2015
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Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme
The remit of the EME Programme includes clinical trials and evaluative studies of novel and repurposed interventions. The term intervention is meant in the broadest sense and includes any method used to promote health, prevent and treat disease and improve rehabilitation or long-term care.
Deadline: 10th November 2015

The Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme is accepting applications to their commissioned workstream for the following topics:
• 15/73 Markers of early treatment response in non-cancerous conditions
• 15/74 Novel diagnostics and treatments for irritable bowel syndrome
• 15/75 Mechanisms of action of health interventions
• 15/76 Severe opportunistic fungal infections
Deadline: 10th November 2015

Health Technology Assessment Programme – Efficient Study Designs
The Health Technology Assessment Programme is accepting expressions of interest applications to their researcher-led workstream, for research into funding for primary research using efficient study designs to evaluate clinical and public health interventions for the NHS.
Deadline: 18th November 2015
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NHS England

NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes
The NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes encourage, recognise and reward front line innovation and drive spread and adoption of these innovations across the NHS.
Deadline: 7th November 2015
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Foundations & Charities

Cancer Research UK

Biotherapeutic Drug Discovery Programme Awards
These Awards support research towards the identification / validation of new targets, and the discovery and development of novel biotherapeutic agents.
Deadline: 10th November 2015
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Feasibility Study Project Grants
Feasibility Study Project Grants fund feasibility, pilot or Phase II studies testing aspects of feasibility or tolerability and/or efficacy.
Deadline: 1st December 2015
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New Agents Committee Trial Grants & Endorsements
Funding or endorsement for early phase patient trials of new cancer treatments including combinations of treatments and radiotherapy.
Deadline: 23rd November 2015
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Small Molecule Drug Discovery Project Awards
These Awards support research towards identification/validation of new targets, and the discovery of novel small molecule therapeutic/preventative agents.
Deadline: 17th November 2015
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Wellcome Trust

Seeding Drug Discovery
The aim of Seeding Drug Discovery is to develop drug-like, small molecules that will be the springboard for further research and development by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in areas of unmet medical need.
Deadline: 4th November 2015
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Pathfinder Awards
The Wellcome Trust is seeking to kick-start pilot projects that have significant potential to help develop innovative new products that address an unmet need in healthcare and offer a potential new solution.
Deadline: 23rd November 2015
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MND Association

Action Medical Research for Children
Within child health supporting a broad spectrum of research with the objective of:
• preventing disease and disability and
• alleviating physical disability
Emphasis on biomedical clinical research or research at the interface between clinical and basic science. Within this criteria, also support research and development of equipment and techniques to improve diagnosis, therapy and assistive technology (including orthoses, prostheses and aids to daily living) and encourage applications in the field of medical engineering.
Deadline: 25th November 2015
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