Managing Deterioration

About the programme

The aim of the Managing Deterioration Safety Improvement Programme is to improve the prevention, identification, escalation and response to physical deterioration thereby reducing potential harm for patients.

Who we’re working with

We are working across a range of acute and community settings in health and social care to achieve our aim.

Responding to COVID-19; we are working with our integrated care systems, clinical commissioning groups and acute trusts to support implementation of both the COVID Oximetry @ home and COVID Virtual Ward models.

In order to improve the identification of deterioration in children, we are working with paediatric colleagues to test implementation of the Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) across different sites in the region.

As part of our work in managing deterioration in non-acute settings, we provide training to spread knowledge of deterioration management tools e.g. RESTORE2mini, SBARD and softer signs tools.

Future plans

We are aiming to ensure that CCG and acute trusts has implemented the COVID Oximetry@ home and COVID Virtual Ward models.

We plan to build on our existing networks to establish our Patient Safety Network and establish it as a vehicle for testing, spread and adoption of good practice.

We will continue working with care homes to adapt deterioration management tools and make sure they are applicable across different settings i.e. mental health, learning disabilities and dementia.

We are excited to be working on the PEWS project and look forward to sharing our learning across local, regional and national networks.

How to get involved

Please contact Elizabeth Sweeting – Deterioration SIP Work stream lead/ Clinical leadership fellow