Patient Flow Hack – Post Event Resources

The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network in partnership with Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust (HEY), Hull CCG, NHS England and the AHSN Improvement Academy PFhack front pagehosted a Patient Flow Hack (#PFHack), at The Octagon, Hull on the 24th & 25th November.

The #PFHack was designed to provide a tangible solution to assist the challenge of patient flow. Patient flow is a complex and difficult challenge for all organisations. Colleagues from different departments in Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (HEY), Hull CCG and social care explored together the patient journeys.

A ‘Hack’ is based on the traditional concept of a ‘Hackathon’, whereby we bring people together and use their combined knowledge, wisdom and expertise to find new solutions to a problem over an intensive period of time. The #PFHack was hosted virtually via a dedicated Google + platform enabling the live streaming of the hack and the ability to engage with virtual attendees from across the UK. The #PFHack also attracted international interest, with delegates attending virtually from across the globe, including Canada, Alberta and America.

Real data and patient journeys were used to develop a shared understanding of patient flow throughout the hospital, so that we were able to collaboratively identify where we should focus our efforts to make improvements. Local data from the last year was used to model real patient journeys through the hospital from admission to discharge. This was presented to delegates in an interactive ‘Flowopoly’ session, a physical simulation of the hospital using real data to develop a shared understanding and a whole systems thinking approach of the challenges and bottlenecks relating to patient flow.

Day one was very much dedicated to exploring the problem, using Flowopoly as a tool to help delegates understand the data. Day two consisted of problem solving and searching for solutions. Delegates split into three hack groups to try find a tangible solution to the problems identified. Please click here to view the programme and agenda.

At the end of day two, there were four hack groups, including a sub group that had formed with a new solution. All groups presented their ideas in a ‘dragons den’ style pitch and delegates were able to vote for their favourite.

20151124_200155Chris Long CEO of Hull & East Yorkshire Trust closed the #PFHack and outlined next steps. Jaqueline Myers, Head of Strategy & Planning at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital Trust, with the support of our Improvement Academy (IA), will be testing the solutions proposed via the hack groups using the PDSA cycle. The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN & our Improvement Academy will be working closely with the Trust, CCGs and local authority with the aim of reviewing and revisiting progress in 6 months.

On behalf of everyone at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and all of our event partners, we would like to thank delegates for their input and energy throughout the #PFHack. We were extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and ideas provided and appreciate the difficulties and pressures of taking time out from busy schedules.

This level of enthusiasm was reflected through the engagement statistics from the event. The #PFHackGoogle Plus page alone had nearly 24,000 views. Participants also engaged virtually using the #PFHack on twitter, there were over 1.8 million impressions, over 1,100 tweets using the hashtag and 198 participants.

Please click here to view the #PFHack flip book report, which includes the following content & resources;

  • Overview of the PFHack – p2
  • Video montage – p2
  • What our speakers said  & presentations – p3
  • Link to the visual minutes – p3
  • Exploring the data – p4
  • Input from the room –  p5
  • Input from online participants – p6
  • Outcomes – p8
  • Next Steps – p9
  • What our participants said – p10
  • Delegate list – p11

The exciting outcome of the #PFHack is the real projects that are now being developed to tackle the patient flow problem. It was a pleasure to have held our first hack in Hull and we look forward to delivering an exciting range of projects that will make a difference to patients and staff.