Work Streams

We recognise that a health system under extreme pressure needs to find quick win improvements that drive operational efficiency without compromising quality and safety.

At the same time we understand the importance of planning ahead for a more sustainable future – one that will require new kinds of devolved leadership and fresh approaches to the adoption and spread of innovation.

In response to these challenges, we have shaped our work around four strategic themes:

1. Surviving and thriving over the next 24 months.

2. Transitioning to new models of care delivery.

3. Creating a receptive environment for change.

4. Expanding and developing the pipeline of innovation and good practice.

We have developed a range of projects that support members in driving improvements with a real impact on safety and quality for patients, for example reducing falls in hospital, healthy ageing and systematic learning from in-hospital deaths.

Our programmes are also designed to make a direct contribution to service redesign by bringing our expertise to bear in key areas such as sustainable primary care, strategic development of diagnostic services, evidence and evaluation, advancing adoption of digital health and optimising patient flows.

Through our nationally recognised Improvement Academy, we are promoting innovation by laying the foundations for a receptive environment where frontline staff are empowered to embrace innovation, change and improvement.

As well as contributing directly to the sustainability and transformation agenda through our work, our experience, skills and unique connections across the Yorkshire and Humber region enable us to provide a range of strategic support services to our members and STP planning teams.