The programme

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN Digital Health programme seeks to provide tools and learning to AHSN NHS member organisations to improve their capacity to implement digital tools within service redesign; appraise products already on the market; articulate challenges and needs in order for innovators to scope solutions or implement existing technologies; and share and benefit from emerging best practice and guidance to accelerate adoption of digital health for improved patient care.


Digital innovation is a key component of the Five Year Forward View in enabling the NHS to deliver modern, efficient and high-quality services leading to improved patient outcomes and more self-management of long term conditions.
However, there are challenges around translating policy into practice at a local level and creating the infrastructure to enable the adoption of new ways of working and understanding unmet needs so that the use of digital enabling technology can have maximum impact. There is also a need to differentiate between digital health products already available and identify opportunities for new product development backed by evidence to support adoption within health, wellbeing and care settings.

How are we helping?

Through this programme we are:

  • Improving the capacity of our members to implement digital enablers and create market pull for new innovations by providing the appropriate tools and learning
  • Providing system leadership through our Digital Health & Wellbeing Advisory Group
  • Offering strategic planning and project design to support Sustainability and Transformation Plans
  • Providing the platform to connect NHS representatives with industry colleagues and patients to create a catalyst and environment for embracing digital solutions

The Digital Health programme includes:

  • The Yorkshire & Humber Digital Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem – a platform for Yorkshire & Humber health and social care, academic, industry, the voluntary sector and patient organisations, to collaborate to increase the uptake of digital health technology to enhance patient care and participate in shared learning across the ECHAlliance International Permanent Network of Ecosystems. Take a look at our short film here to get a feel for the Ecosystem meetings.
  • The Yorkshire & Humber Digital Health & Wellbeing Expert Advisory Board, a regional reference group of digital leaders comprising representatives of NHS organisations, industry associations, and patient networks, to create regional strategy and support collaborative funding opportunities.
  • The #YHDigitalCitizen Network (in partnership with mHabitat) which invites local connected individuals and organisations who have an interest in people driven digital health from across Yorkshire and Humber to help shape digital health in the region.
  • The Interactive Healthcare Partnership Fund, in partnership with Creative England, investing in small or medium enterprises (SMEs) who are in an advanced stage of developing and commercialising products for the healthcare sector.
  • Identifying opportunities to access funding for digital health innovation.
  • Developing co-design processes to identify how digital innovation can support service improvement in defined patient pathways and the healthcare practitioner digital skills development programme.
  • Supporting engagement and learning and emerging opportunities from the NHS England Test Bed programme
  • Raising the profile of digital health innovation and projects on the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN Health Innovation Exchange

Our Impact to date

  • Partnership support including investment, mentoring and business support to companies participating in the Dotforge Health & Data Accelerator
  • Collaboration with TITCH (Technology & Innovation Transforming Child Health) to develop the SBRI Healthcare ‘Self Care & Independence in Children with Long Term Conditions’ competition
  • Lead AHSN for SBRI Healthcare competitions ‘Improving outcomes for patients with Learning Disabilities through better remote management of health and well-being’ and ‘Improving efficiency and experience of outpatient services through better remote management of health and well-being’ investing over £3 million into phase 1 and 2 projects with over 2 million patients benefiting from new innovations.
  • Partners in the Yorkshire & Humber Digital Health Design Challenge where healthcare challenges from three NHS Foundation Trusts – Barnsley, Doncaster & Bassetlaw and Sheffield – championed by staff and service users were explored with creative and digital agencies in a co-discovery and design process to generate new ideas for digital health solutions. The programme resulted in a number of product innovations currently under development by the partners involved.

The Yorkshire & Humber Digital Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem, is a member of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA), international Network of Permanent Ecosystems. Each Ecosystem has a virtual Community section, whereby members can connect, interact and access resources. To access the community you need to create a profile here.