The programme

To capitalise on the opportunities presented by new technologies and treatments, NHS England’s Five Year Forward view outlines the case for developing new ways of delivering services through the development of Vanguard sites. The Yorkshire and Humber AHSN has seven Vanguard sites within its catchment area (more than any other region).

Through this work programme we are working closely with the Vanguard sites to:

  • Bring system players together, facilitate difficult conversations, road-test ideas and identify best practice
  • Offer additional practical day-to-day support and resource including evaluation, informatics expertise, research and benefits optimisation.


The Vanguard new care models programme is a key component of the Five Year Forward View. Developing sustainable services will depend on finding new, more efficient ways of working through the identification of new leadership approaches, systems and technologies.

How are we helping?

We are acting as a system catalyst, speeding up the development of the network of Vanguards by sharing learning across the region and nationally through the AHSN network.

Through this programme we will deliver:

  • A bespoke evaluation framework in collaboration with the individual Vanguard sites accessing Yorkshire & Humber AHSN support.
  • An action learning approach to whole system thinking with senior Vanguard leaders.
  • Facilitated learning events to raise awareness and facilitate the spread of good practice.

Expected Impact

  • We will help the Vanguard teams to develop models that can demonstrate their efficacy and sustainability through a robust process of evidence and evaluation
  • Vanguard development in Yorkshire and Humber will benefit from access to the very latest proven innovations and approaches.

Next Steps

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN support will enable Vanguard sites to:

  • Develop and implement a conceptual framework for evaluating their ongoing impact.
  • Access independent ‘honest broker’ support to mediate the whole system thinking across multiple Stakeholders.
  • Identify innovative technologies that aim to support Vanguards to implement new care models.