The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN has been asked to support a project to develop a better understanding of urgent and emergency care demand in the region.  The project has commenced following direct feedback from Chief Executive Officers and Chief Accountable Officers from the within the region that this is a critical challenge.

This project commenced in November 2014 with a conference that brought together clinicians, managers, commissioners, providers and academics to identify a better understanding of the system and identity key challenges.  The project uses a collective, connected and co-ordinated ‘systems thinking’ approach with experts across the region supported by four task and finish groups with a focus on:

  • Use of data: to predict outcomes and improve the patient journey
  • Mapping the Y&H system as well as local systems using modelling tools
  • Patient experience of the urgent and emergency care system
  • Understanding the system; identifying areas for improvement

Programme Outcomes

• An in-depth understanding of patient experience in relation to urgent and emergency care
• Evaluation of proof of concept in use of GP data to predict next day UEC demand
• A mapping report describing the current Y&H Urgent and Emergency Care system  and creation of a ‘repository’ for U&E care information
• Evaluation of proof of concept in review of patient journey’s prior to UEC contact to identify triggers for intervention
• Pilot site evaluation following introduction of bespoke models of improvement

Programme Reports


Useful Documents