The programme

Our Innovation Exchange brings together patients, innovators, commissioners and providers, creating a vibrant market place for innovation and improvement firmly based on the needs of the NHS in Yorkshire and Humber, but with a national reach.
The programme is driven by our Health Innovation Exchange Portal, which provides a platform for colleagues across the health and care sector to connect and share innovative solutions, projects and products to support our collective ambition to provide world-class patient care in a cost effective and efficient manner.
As well as acting as a forum to promote cross sector communication, the portal also provides a single point of entry to the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN.


Harnessing the ideas of our staff, patients and industry partners is essential to delivering a sustainable NHS. The Innovation Exchange provides a simple and easy to access platform for sharing best practice, signposting to resources and expressing clinical need in a systematic way.
Our Innovation Exchange provides a platform for our NHS partners to view innovations that are both available now and in development to help them improve patient outcomes and experiences. Innovators have the opportunity to co-create solutions with patients and clinicians, helping to ensure they meet the needs of their audiences.

The Innovation Exchange will help:

  • Support understanding of the current and developing strategic needs/priorities of our local membership
  • Identify relevant unproven innovation that can support the needs of members
  • Provide a robust review process for the suitability of the innovation in terms of strategic fit prior to proceeding to innovation support (via the Innovation Pathway)
  • The development of a quicker, more consistent decision-making process and creating a clear referral pathway to and from the National Innovation Partnership

How are we helping?

At the heart of this programme is our Health Innovation Exchange portal, a unique online marketplace facilitating two-way engagement between innovators and NHS staff.
This portal, coupled with delivery of our Innovation Surgeries which provide face-to-face opportunities for innovators to find support and advice for their ideas, will create the catalyst for change.
Our Innovation Exchange programme will be bridged to other Academic Health Science Networks and the Innovation team at NHS England and other key national partners to drive referrals, procurement and the further development of exciting innovations to support our health care system.
Our Innovation Exchange programme provides a clear route for industry innovators who wish to engage with the NHS marketplace and supports NHS leaders in innovation through our NHS Commercial Leads quarterly meetings.

Our Impact to date

Our Health Innovation Exchange has helped provide:

  • A clear route to market for game-changing innovations that deliver for local clinical needs
  • Advice, support and signposting for hundreds of innovators from companies to individuals
  • The development of validated, evidenced-based innovations identified as Ready Now Innovations

Next Steps

Our Innovation Exchange programme will increase the adoption rate of new technologies within
Yorkshire and Humber NHS members.

We aim to do this by:

  • Further development of our online portal to improve quantifiable metrics for users and the exchange of innovations
  • The regular production of our Pilot Adoption Programme series, utilising the most up to date information on health innovation exchange and provided to the NHS in a physical format
  • The hosting of Innovation Surgeries and NHS Commercial Leads meetings on at least a quarterly basis
  • The rollout of Health Innovation Exchange to other AHSNs