The programme

The Innovation Pathway is the mechanism by which we support the development of game-changing innovation that has the potential to deliver a significant impact on patient care quality and efficiency for our members.


Our role is to support the development and evaluation of innovations that have the potential to create transformative improvements for our NHS members and their patients .
The Innovation Pathway represents a coherent and compelling suite of projects that provide funding, advice, evaluation, piloting and commercialisation to rapidly enable innovations to be embedded in frontline NHS services.
Through this programme we will:

  • Assist and signpost to enable the undertaking of proof of concept work, market analysis, patient surveys and clinical trials to help understand the viability of an innovation
  • Identify and escalate innovations that meet key priority areas and have a potentially significant impact on patients and the NHS
  • Design programmes that will assist innovators with proof of concept, validation, market access, market analysis, access to funding and clinical trials.

How are we helping?

The Innovation Pathway function has already offered support to innovators through a series of initiatives including SBRI, Dotforge Health + Data, the NHS Innovation Accelerator, our Proof of Concept programme plus our regular funding bulletin.
Through this programme we will help:

  • Develop robust processes for testing and evaluating new products in our area
  • Build the capacity to scale innovation across the system
  • Support providers in implementing technology-driven change
  • Provide specific support for emerging classes of innovation, such as digital technologies.

Next Steps

We will continue to support innovators through the aforementioned initiatives, developing a lit runway for innovators using our innovation pathway, innovation exchange and ready now innovation programmes.