The programme

Transformational change will require the adoption and implementation of game-changing innovations that have robust evidence of improving patient care and increasing efficiency of care delivery.
Our Ready Now Innovation function will be the ‘engine’ that pulls through successful Innovation Pathway projects and embeds them into our frontline delivery programmes.
Through this programme, we will support our members by delivering a pipeline of proven innovations and good practice, available now that will contribute to improving patient outcomes and experiences whilst helping to deliver financially balanced operational plans.


The growing and ageing UK population presents new challenges to the NHS that require innovative solutions to address its intense financial and operational pressures. The NHS England Five Year Forward View highlights a funding gap of £22billion. As demand for services continues to increase, this problem will not disappear unless changes are made to the way in which healthcare is delivered.
The adoption of innovation can help assist with the problems being faced by the NHS, helping to close the funding and efficiency, care and quality and health and wellbeing gaps.

How are we helping?

The true value of adoption of innovation can only be optimised by substituting outdated and less effective products or systems with new and proven pathways of care, rather than just injecting innovation into already stretched systems.
Through this programme, Ready Now Innovations will be focused on the strategic priorities of our NHS partners and sourced from a wide range of in-house and national innovation development programmes.
We have extended our networks to identify a range of innovations from a variety of areas including, but not limited to, Small Business Research Initiative Healthcare (SBRI), Proof of Concept programme, Open Innovation Workshops, the National Innovation Accelerator, Innovation Exchange, Funding for Innovation schemes, other AHSN identification and evaluation, and nationally identified key innovations.

Our Impact to date

We have developed a range of interventions to support the uptake and spread of proven innovation that is ready for adoption. These include specifically directed adoption activities (for example, the National Innovation Accelerator), through to awareness raising activities via various platforms (e.g. our Innovation Exchange Portal).

Next Steps

Through our Innovation Exchange and Innovation Pathway programmes, Ready Now Innovations that focus on the strategic priorities of our NHS partners will be sourced from a wide range of in-house and national innovation development programmes.
We will work with our partners to help with the systematic implementation of proven technology across the Yorkshire and Humber NHS membership and provide access to a catalogue of evidence-based Ready Now Innovations.