The programme

The Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) is one of 15 national patient safety improvement collaboratives established by NHS Improvement.

The PSC aims to improve patient safety by acting as a catalyst, sharing good practice, testing new ideas with front line teams, promoting networking opportunities and providing key evidence based tools in a usable format. It also supports the development of a culture of safety at all levels and prioritises key areas of harm.


“The patient safety movement is now at a critical moment: to sustain sustain momentum, there has to be recognition that things can – and should – be better.” (J Illingworth, 2015, Health Foundation

From April to June 2016 the National Reporting & Learning System had over 520,000 individual adverse events reported to them. It is worth noting that the vast majority of these (72 per cent) will not have caused patient harm, however that leaves 38 per cent that do.

How are we helping?

The solutions are not simple but, as a PSC we believe that we can make a difference by:

  • Empowering local patients and staff to work together to identify safety priorities, develop solutions, implement and test locally before sharing nationally
  • Supporting individuals, teams and organisations to build skills and knowledge about safety improvement, providing opportunities to continually learn from each other
  • Spreading innovations in patient safety, allowing teams in our area to adapt and adopt things that worked elsewhere.

NHS Improvement has identified a core set of priorities for the Yorkshire & Humber PSC. These are:

  • Improving the culture of safety
  • Early identification and management of deterioration
  • The national maternal and neonatal health safety collaborative

It is anticipated the Medicines Safety will also be a priority in the near future.

More information is available here

Our impact to date

The Yorkshire & Humber PSC has a strong track record. It has attracted funding from NHS Improvement, NHS England and the Health Foundation as a result of being delivered by the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and our Improvement Academy.

Key facts:

Next Steps

Our programme will continue to develop in response to our partners’ needs and our national commissions. As a trusted delivery partner in Yorkshire and Humber we are committed to playing our part to enact the forthcoming national patient safety strategy.

The programme will continue to work nationally with other regional PSCs to learn and share what makes a difference and spread our regional interventions (Safety Huddles and Achieving Behavioural Change)

For more information please visit our Improvement Academy’s website