Evaluation and Reset

In a time of unprecedented crisis, health and care organisations across the region had to develop and implement rapid innovative solutions to support the health and care needs of patients and local communities in a safe way. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, health and care teams from individual trusts to the system as a whole worked together to make rapid changes to the way they deliver services.

We are supporting colleagues across the North East and Yorkshire and Humber to evaluate the impact of such changes in order to identify valuable learning that could inform short, medium and long-term plans. Yorkshire & Humber AHSN  has been in a prime position to support our partners in the challenging task of identifying and understanding the impact of current changes for the future of the health and care systems at local, regional and national level with the objective of informing long-term reset planning.

This project involves close collaboration with colleagues at North East & North Cumbria AHSN, and the stakeholders involved include South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership and Cumbria and North East Integrated Care System.

The project forms part of the system reset work being undertaken at a national level by the AHSN Network. It also complements work being undertaken by our colleagues in AHSNs across England, where countless examples of good practice and innovation have emerged and are being analysed by AHSNs to understand how these will help to improve the NHS in the long term. Adoption and spread of innovation are at the heart of the AHSN Network’s purpose.

We are also working in partnership with NHS England, NHS Confederation and The Health Foundation at both a local and national level around the NHS Reset agenda. This collaboration has come together to focus on how the health and care sector can work with staff, patients and the public to understand, translate and adapt the best of COVID-19-related innovations and initiatives into everyday practice – maintaining momentum, sharing what’s working and improving people’s care.

Over the next four months, we will build on the knowledge, expertise and national and local reach of the three organisations to support the health and care sector in understanding what changes have taken place in response to COVID-19. We will explore what our clinicians, leaders and innovators believe should be retained, adapted, reinstated or stopped, and for which populations or settings; and critically how we should collectively build on the rapid progress made to accelerate the reset and ongoing improvement of health and care planning and delivery.

Our work will focus on three areas:

  • What‘s working well?: Identifying and understanding what’s working for whom.
  • Systematising service innovation: Identifying how to make the changes in practice and mindset sustainable.
  • A spotlight on the wider system: Identifying how to ensure the focus is retained on the integration agenda, prevention and community, primary and social care.

If you would like to find out more about our work in this area please email us at info@yhahsn.com