III Award Winners 2018

Six health and industry organisations are celebrating after winning new awards from the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network.

The awards were presented by the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN with the winners announced at the organisation’s Innovation, Improvement and Impact Conference held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds on Wednesday 31st January.

The awards help recognise those organisations and individuals that are making real innovative changes and improvements to how care is delivered and improving the lives of patients across the region.

The six award categories that followed were:

  • Patient safety achievement
  • Best example of adoption and diffusion
  • Performance through partnership
  • Improving care through innovation or improvement
  • Using technology to improve efficiency
  • Best patient driven innovation/improvement/collaboration

Yorkshire & Humber AHSN’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Stubbs, presented the awards to the winners and highly commended nominations.

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The award winners were:

Patient Safety Achievement

Winner: Pickeri__Cynergy_III_Y_H_229 [TIF 22869108004]ng Medical Practice for its project De-prescribing Inappropriate Medications in Severely Frail Patients
Pickering Medical Practice designed a project with the aim of deprescribing inappropriate or unnecessary medications in patients who were known to be severely frail. At its core the project was determined to improve patient safety, to provide good clinical care in high quality patient interactions and to have a strong legacy of clinical practice changing for the better.

The combination of a holistic approach to seeing patients and an educational programme for clinicians led to fantastic results with a 17% fall in repeat prescribing during the project.

Watch their interview here


Highly Commended: Le__Cynergy_III_Y_H_214 [TIF 22869103404]eds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for Huddles – reduce harm and improve culture – get involved!

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have adopted daily Safety Huddles in which staff get together to discuss patient harms and safety issues. Staff from all roles take part in updating the team with information and insight into patient risk and the actions they plan to take to prevent harm.

Staff who have participated in the huddles report they feel empowered and more confident in the huddle to speak about patient safety concerns. Now over two and a half years since the
implementation of the project, 90% of wards now have a daily huddle.

Performance through Partnership

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_215 [TIF 22869103604]Winner: Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust for their project Brunsmeer Awareness Football Mental Health Project
The Brunsmeer Awareness Football Mental Health Project is a tailored and targeted intervention for men and women with moderate to severe enduring mental health conditions. The project, which launched in 2012, has flourished from a small football group into a city wide project with weekly football matches.

The football sessions motivate service users to maintain a social network and many friendships have been forged among the members.  Football offers a non-judgmental platform for service users to speak to peers in confidence, to share their experiences and to understand and develop respect for each other.  The project is valued by many and provides a safe and supportive environment in which to support both physical and mental wellbeing.

Watch their post-award interview here

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_216 [TIF 22869103804]Highly Commended: Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (TITCH and Devices for Dignity HTC) for their project Technology Improving the Lives of Children and Young People
The Technology Innovation Transforming Child Health network is a partnership formed to drive innovation through collaboration with industry, academia, the NHS and patients and families. Identifying the priority unmet needs for children has not historically been undertaken on a national level and this localised approach has led to lack of investment, as the market has been perceived as too small.

TITCH develops bespoke workshops and each approach is co-developed with the experts in that field and patients and families. In 2016, they worked in partnership with the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN to secure a £4.2 million to focus on the development of remote monitoring and rehabilitation technologies for children.

Improving Care through Innovation or Improvement

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_217 [TIF 22869104204]Winner: Primary Care Leeds Institute of Health Sciences for their Campaign to Reduce Opioid Prescribing
The Primary Care Leeds Institute of Health Sciences partnered with the 10 Clinical Commissioning Groups in West Yorkshire to launch the Campaign to Reduce Opioid Prescribing (CROP). Throughout the campaign the team found large differences between practices, suggesting that opioid prescribing is driven by GP habits rather than patient need and estimated that rising opioid prescriptions will cost the NHS in West Yorkshire £500,000 extra per annum.

Since the launch of the campaign came into action, the number of chronic non-cancer patients taking potentially harmful opioid medication has reduced significantly throughout the West Yorkshire adult population.

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__Cynergy_III_Y_H_218 [TIF 22869104404]Highly Commended: Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for Improving Care for Patients through the Achieving Reliable Care (ARC) Programme
Making meaningful changes to delivering safe care to patients across the UK is at the forefront of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Sustaining these key values, it has been working in partnership with the Improvement Academy to test and implement an innovative approach to improve the reliability of patient care, to deliver safe care.

Achieving Reliable Care is unique as staff are trained to plan timescales based on the needs of the patient, rather than the ability of the system to deliver.  ARC has been employed across seven wards within the Musculoskeletal and Frailty Care Group, with over 1,220 patients.

Using Technology to Improve Efficiency

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_219 [TIF 22869104604]Winner: Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for their project Taking on the Interoperability Challenge with PPM+
Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and Aire Logic have worked on a new Electronic Health Record solution, aiming to prove the NHS could build and deploy its own EHR cost-effectively. The resulting model is innovative, efficient and completely transferable. Over the last year Leeds NHS Trust has implemented several new initiatives, bringing wide ranging benefits to the Trust, clinical staff and patients, saving millions of pounds.

PPM+ incorporates varied data from systems across the Trust, including patient administration, radiology images, and blood results. This means vital information is communicated quickly, without risk of misplaced or damaged paperwork, and patient data is stored in one place, easily accessible to relevant clinicians.

Watch their post-win interview here

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_220 [TIF 22869105004]Highly Commended: Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for their project Using a Digital Portal to Reduce Appointment Letters
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has reduced the number of outpatient letters it sends using a new Patient Portal by Healthcare Communicators by 50 per cent. Barnsley was the first to introduce the technology, and following a six-month pilot is now rolling it out across the trust including a new initiative to get patients into hospital more quickly for vital cancer checks.

A key objective of Barnsley was for greater assurance that patients are receiving appointment details and the Trust now obtains a digital receipt that the patient opened the letter. The process is fully automated and the intelligence recognises who to send a digital letter to, without staff intervention, with staff time dedicated to postage eliminated.

Best Example of Adoption and Diffusion

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_222 [TIF 22869105804]Winner: West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd for their project Care Navigation – National Delivery of Training and Consultancy
Thanks to Care Navigation, West Wakefield is paving the way for a robust directory of local health services that care navigators can quickly and easily access. As a result, GPs’ time could be released to spend more time with people with long term conditions and complex needs. Care Navigation plays a pivotal role in providing a safe and effective way of relieving pressure on GPs and directing patients to the proper healthcare professionals and services in their area.

West Wakefield worked collaboratively with the wider Wakefield system to pinpoint the most appropriate services for the area, to provide a safe environment for the practice staff to navigate in. The success of West Wakefield is now being replicated nationally, covering over 10% of England’s patient population.

Watch the post-win interview here



__Cynergy_III_Y_H_223 [TIF 22869106204]Highly Commended: Neotract (Teleflex) for their project Prostatic Urethral Lift for the Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common and progressive condition where the enlarged prostate can make it difficult for a man to pass urine, leading to urine tract infections, urinary retention and, in some cases, renal failure. In an attempt to further assist patients and transform their quality of life, the Prostatic Urethral Life (UroLift) was established by Neotract to reduce extended hospital stays and catheter related complications.

An initial evaluation of the service, by St James’ Hospital in Leeds, revealed that all patients treated with Urolift were discharged on the same day as treatment, with most going home within six hours. With either local anaesthetic or occasionally light sedation, patients are only operated on for an average of 12 minutes.

Best Patient Driven Innovation/Improvement/Collaboration

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_225 [TIF 22869106604]Winner: University of Sheffield for their project Your Teeth – You are in Control – A Self Help Resource for Helping Young People Reduce their Dental Anxiety

The University of Sheffield realised that over half of British children report being moderately anxious at the dentist. To change the mind-set of children to prevent dental anxiety stemming into adulthood, they created a self-help resource for helping young people reduce their dental anxiety.

The resource comprises of three inter-related components including:

  • A self-help guide for dentally anxious children aged 9-16 years
  • A guide for parents/carers to better understand and support their child
  • A training manual and videos for the dental team.

A feasibility study on 48 dentally anxious children revealed the use of the resource was found to be associated with a significant reduction in dental anxiety. The use of the guides has been disseminated to over 630 dentists and dental care professions at nine events across England and Scotland.

Watch the post-award interview here

__Cynergy_III_Y_H_226 [TIF 22869106804]Highly Commended: Epilepsy Action for their project Outcomes of Co-Produced Online Self-Management Programme Include Increased Patient Activation in People with Epilepsy
Epilepsy support groups are only available in limited parts of the country, with generic self-management offers proven to be variable and travel can be difficult. Realising this gap in the market, Epilepsy action co-produced an online self-management to increase patient activation, thereby improving health outcomes and quality of life.

The evidence based online self-management programme is aimed at informing people living with epilepsy about the disease and provide skills on how to self-manage so they can live their life without letting epilepsy control it.