Region invited to bid for Exemplar status

One Vision – One Voice

A collaboration of NHS, care and local government organisations in Yorkshire and Humber has been invited by NHS England to bid for Local Care Integrated Record Exemplar (LHCRE) status.

future health webThe LHCRE programme has been launched by NHS England to raise the bar in how the NHS and its partners can share data to help deliver better care for patients.

Its aim is to create an information sharing environment that helps health and care services continually improve the treatments we use, ensures that care is tailored to the needs of each individual and can empower people to look after themselves better and make informed choices about their own health and care.

Lee Rickles, Operational lead for the bid and Chief Information Officer at Humber NHS Foundation Trust, said: “At the heart of this programme is the commitment to give patients the best experience of care and we will be consulting with as many patient groups as possible throughout this bid process.

“This is a great opportunity for Yorkshire and Humber to further develop the innovative work that is already taking place across the region to improve patient care through secure and transparent data sharing.

“It will also empower patients to take control of their condition by providing access to their own healthcare records.”

Richard Corbridge, the bid’s Senior Responsible Officer and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, commented: “This is the first time that every organisation involved in health and social care across Yorkshire and Humber has joined together to deliver this exciting programme.

“We have a joint ambition to see integrated care across the region.”

The Yorkshire and Humber bid is being supported by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network.

Additional information

Seven collaborations across the country have been invited to bid for LHCRE status, of which five will be chosen as pilot sites. Each site will be granted funding of £7.5m, which will need to be matched with local investment and support.

Successful exemplar sites will be expected to deliver a programme that:

  • Ensures all health and care professionals involved in a person’s care have real time access to a comprehensive care record when and where they need it
  • Empowers citizens and carers to manage their own care by giving them access to their own healthcare records
  • Provides a rich, secure information base of de-personalised and anonymous information to support research into conditions, the development of new treatments and improved and innovative pathways for care and prevention
  • Provides an insight into general population health issues and supporting better management of health and care resources

NHS England is expected to announce the winning bids mid May 2018.