Funding Opportunities

External funding and investment is often the key to unlocking innovation implementation within the NHS. However, there are a wide range of potential sources and types of funding depending on factors such as who is seeking funding (e.g. NHS organisation, academia, industry, voluntary sector), the amount of funding sought, the purpose of funding sought (e.g. research, development, demonstration, commercialisation, or evaluation), the size and stage of business growth (e.g. early stage or established), and whether the applicant is seeking grant funding, match funding, or investment with intention to payback with a return.

The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is constantly horizon scanning to identify funding opportunities for industry and NHS organisations in order to facilitate collaboration and accelerate innovation in healthcare and as new initiatives are launched they will be included in the key opportunities sections below. If your organisation requires bespoke support for identifying funding and investors for developing innovative products and services for NHS organisations please provide your details via our online portal in order to work with our Commercial Team