Innovation Exchange Portal


The Health Innovation Exchange portal provides a platform for NHS staff and industry innovators across the Health and Care sector to connect and share innovative solutions, projects and products which support the ambition of providing world-class patient care in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

The Health Innovation Exchange portal acts as a forum for innovators to openly showcase products and solutions that can improve patient outcomes and experiences, as well as improve the efficiency in which services are provided.

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer of the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN said “Our staff and our patients are the biggest assets of the NHS. We also have a wealth of talent and ideas within the UK’s strong life science industry. To create a sustainable NHS for the future we need to better harness the expertise in these groups.”

“Nearly everyone has a great idea to share about how we can improve the care we give. But all too often they have no way of sharing these great ideas. The Health Innovation Exchange is a simple, accessible way for us to share what works, create communities with common interests, and grow a database of innovation for the benefit of Health and Social Care.”

“The portal provides innovators the platform they require to showcase their solutions to the health care sector, whilst acting as a single point of entry into the AHSN. Meanwhile, for the first time, our members have the opportunity to view all the products and solutions that are available to support their strategic and operational needs in one place.”

Shortly after the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN launched their Health Innovation Exchange portal in Spring 2016, the Innovation Agency (North West Coast AHSN) launched their own version. Both have been successfully utilised in their respective regions and the decision was recently taken to merge the two Innovation Exchanges together to create a critical mass across the north of England. As a result, innovations added to the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN’s Health Innovation Exchange portal are visible on The Innovation Agency’s portal, and vice versa.

Products and services on the Health Innovation Exchange have been through a robust review process with members of the AHSN teams and clinical experts, ensuring that only the innovations with the most capacity and potential for impact on the healthcare system are featured.


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